After School Program in Caddo Mills



3:30-6:30 Monday-Friday   From watercolor and drawing, dance and theater to marital arts and culinary training, students will get to experience a variety of classes so they can find out exactly where their interests and talents lie.  


The basic cost of the after school program is $55per week.  All classes are taught by independent teachers who come to the center just to teach in our after school classes.  They are paid individually.  The cost for each child to take 3 classes is $120 per month or $30 per week (making the cost of classes and after school care a total of $85/week).  No need to drive your kids all over town for extra curricular enrichment.  You pick them up after work and go straight home knowing they have had a full and active day.  


The After School Arts Program runs in conjunction with the Caddo Mills school calendar.  We are not a daycare, so when school is out for holidays or summer break you will need to have daycare arranged for your child.   We would, however, love to offer some Arts Programs and camps to run during holidays if it would benefit the community.  Please leave feedback on this and other ideas you may have for the Center.

Sample Weekly Schedule

3:30 Pick up

4:00 Snack and Social Time

4:30  Group A  Classes

         Group B  Centers and Homework

5:30  Group A Centers and Homework

         Group B  Classes

6:30  Pack up and Pick up 

Class Rotations

Classes will run 6-8 weeks depending on holidays during that season.  

A First Session might look like this:

Monday:  Theater Dance

Tuesday:  Outdoor Group Games

Wednesday: Clay Creations

Thursday:  Karate

Friday: Movie and Open Gym

Second Session Might look like this:

Monday:  Drawing and Watercolors

Tuesday:  Drama Kids 

Wednesday: Sign To Song

Thursday: Good News Club

Friday:  Movie and Open Gym


How will my child get to the center?   A van from Aero Family Center will pick children up from both elementary schools in Caddo Mills.

Can we just come part time or do drop in days for specific classes?   Since we are only taking a very limited number of students we need all of those spots filled by students with full time registration.  You are welcome to send your child part time but will have to pay full tuition to hold their spot.  

My child has severe allergies.  How is this handled?   The Aero Center is NOT an allergen free environment.  Many teachers rent space to use their products and cook in the kitchen.  We can not guarantee  that children will not come in contact with certain common products.   

Children with food allergies should pack an appropriate snack each day to ensure allergen avoidance.  Water bottles will be provided.

What if my child doesn't like one of the classes offered?  The goal of our after school arts program is to offer a variety of classes in a wide range of generes so that kids can get outside their comfort zone and explore new opportunities.  Each class typically runs 6-8 weeks so we encourage students to stick it out and try it for that short amount of time.  IF however, they are genuinely uncomfortable in a particular class, they may (with parents permission) sit and observe rather than participate in the class.  Or a study hall period can be arranged if it better suits the child's needs. 

When is payment due?  $120 teachers fees are due at the END of each month so that we can pre pay our teachers (giving them time to purchase their supplies and plan according to enrollment)  The weekly $55 per student is due Friday of the previous week.  

How do you handle behavior issues?   We do not use corporal punishment of any kind.  Enrollment is limited and should be considered a privilege.  In the event that a child is disruptive, progressive intervention will occur in this order.. students will be redirected, pulled aside for a time of counsel,  removed from class to sit out.  If these do not work, parents will be notified and asked to handle the situation at home.  Any child who is still disruptive will be unenrolled from the program as it may ot be the best fit for them.